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For Costa Rica beach real estate Flamingo beach offers best investment environment

Real estate bubble or no bubble, beach real estate is always on the rise. People come and people go, but beaches stay. And that is what Flamingo beach has most: beach, the best investment environment. Most important is that Playa Flamingo’s beach is not just any beach. It is one of the most beautiful white…

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Post Closing Issues by Attorney Roger Petersen

Post-closing issues are often forgotten by the real estate agent, the closing attorney, and even the buyer. Often buyers assume these post-closing issues just happen automatically. Well, in Costa Rica, nothing goes automatically. That’s why I asked attorney Roger Petersen to help us out and write a blog about it. These post-closing issues seem so…

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Costa Rica Flamingo Beach offers Amazing Beauty and Exclusivity

For beauty and exclusivity, Flamingo Beach offers a choice of luxury beach condos, homes and mansions for sale in a beautiful, peaceful and safe place in Costa Rica. Flamingo Beach – white sand and sunshine for the beach lovers. Larry Albright had lived and loved Flamingo for 15 years. When he moved there he was amazed at the beauty…

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More commercial construction is great for the East side of San Jose

A Grand Slam for the East Side of San Jose is the commercial construction of the new Momentum Pinares (Curridabat) Mall. This is already affecting the Curridabat real estate market positively and creating great opportunities. Commercial construction on the east side of San Jose is growing faster than anywhere else in the Central Valley. Shopping…

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Costa Rica realtors about Blue Flag Award of their communities

Blue Flag Award by Costa Rican Government commented by AE realtors. In Spanish, the Blue Flag Award is called Bandera Azul Ecológica.  Costa Rica real estate agents express absolute happiness about Blue Flag Award in their communities. Easy Property Costa Rica affiliate partners in those areas awarded a Blue Flag, express happiness regarding this important…

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