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How difficult can buying property in Costa Rica be?

Buying property in Costa Rica can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. What makes the difference between heartache and satisfaction in the property-buying process? Some good ideas I can come up with some interesting ideas for buying property: Invest in income producing property or commercial property such as Vacation Rental, bed and breakfast or a…

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Home Security – You never get a Second Chance at a First Impression

“You never get a Second Chance at a First Impression”. Cliché right? Let’s connect the phrase to home security. The phrase provokes thoughts of personal image and interaction, perhaps a critical Job interview or dating experience. Now apply this to a “Huge Life Altering Experience” such as relocation to a foreign country. And try “Surrounding yourself…

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Condominium Altos del Golf | Parque Valle del Sol

Condominium Altos del Golf, a Parque Valle del Sol community. Welcome to Condominium Altos del Golf, the newest Santa Ana golf community located within the Parque Valle del Sol gated community. Santa Ana real estate Developer Habitasul has created a 14-acre development within Parque Valle del Sol. This condominium within Parque Valle del Sol consists of 45 lots…

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Parque Valle del Sol Lifestyle Golf Community Santa Ana

Does living in a Lifestyle Golf Community attract you? Parque Valle del Sol is a 342-acre lifestyle and golf community in Santa Ana. This community offers the ultimate lifestyle for those who are looking for a lifestyle. Here you can buy a Costa Rica luxury home in a top location in the most beautiful surroundings you will…

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Who pays closing cost when you purchase Costa Rica property

Who pays the closing cost in a Costa Rican real estate transaction? Purchasing Costa Rica property for sale is always a good investment: prices are reasonable compared to many other countries, the property laws are clear and many areas have great potential for growth. When you purchase Costa Rica property, several questions arise. Like who…

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