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Multiplaza Escazu shopping mall very accessible to residents

The Multiplaza Escazu shopping mall is now even more accessible than ever, did you know that? Highway 27 makes Multiplaza Escazu easy to reach from anywhere in the Central Valley. It makes shopping in Costa Rica so much easier to Escazu and Santa Ana residents. The Multiplaza Escazu shopping mall can compete with any shopping mall in the…

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Movies in the jungle – Dominical beach property owners love it

Movies in the jungle. The setting is incredible: beautiful beaches, great surfing and swimming, ocean views and sunsets you only see in movies. You have arrived in Dominical in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Welcome to Dominical. Among the very many things to do in Dominical, on Friday nights, between December and April, it’s time for…

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Precautions for buying Costa Rica Beach Front Property

Costa Rica beachfront property has certain restrictions that you should know about before you purchase because it is located in the Maritime Zone or ZMT. When buying Costa Rica beachfront property, you should ask our affiliate beach real estate agents. Second, you should use any of the closing attorneys our affiliated real estate agents recommend.…

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Maritime zoning for Costa Rica beach front property

We get questions if you can own Costa Rica beachfront property with maritime zoning all the time. For those interested in buying Costa Rica beachfront property, this article will make the information more accessible. To begin with, not all beach property has maritime zoning. You can purchase fully titled land in front of the beach or…

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How do you mean I can get 100 percent profit investing in Costa Rica?

Promises of high yield profits when investing in Costa Rica can be a trap if you don’t do your homework. During the Costa Rica real estate boom there were suddenly lots of people doing the development of real estate projects. And they had absolutely no experience in real estate development. Those real estate developments were mostly in…

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Natural Laws of Supply & Demand at Work in the US Housing Market

Supply & demand always affects the housing market, wherever in the world. As you all know, Costa Rica real estate is very connected with Florida real estate. Both are retirement markets and people look to move to warmer destinations as the weather keeps changing with more rain and colder. The Florida real estate market got…

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