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I have my Michigan real estate license, is it valid for Costa Rica?

I have my real estate license in Michigan, so I know what I’m doing”. I’m sorry but you don’t, at least not in Costa Rica. The US doesn’t have a nationwide real estate license either. Costa Rica is another country with a different language and very different rules than the US. Real estate licensing is…

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Costa Rica Real Estate Requirements for International Buyers

Are there any special requirements for international buyers of property in Costa Rica? One out of every 20 emails I receive from international buyers carries a question somewhere along the line of “Could you please send me the requirements for international buyers please”? Ownership of private property is regulated by the constitution of Costa Rica.…

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Dominical Beach property and entertainment for everyone

Are you a prospective traveler looking for the ultimate in tropical bliss and value? Dominical Beach property in Costa Rica seems to have cornered the market. Have you made the trip to this tropical oasis yet? There is a good chance that someone you know has. Wouldn’t you like to be aware of everything Dominical Beach has to…

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Can a non-resident or perpetual tourist renew a driver’s license now?

Is it easy to renew a driver’s license if you don’t have legal residency in Costa Rica? In the past, just about anyone (residents and non-residents alike) could get a driver’s license in Costa Rica. Once it expired, it was easy to get a renewal. But, last year, everything changed. The government announced that new…

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I am sorry, Costa Rica rentals might not include appliances

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes When searching for Costa Rica rentals, you might assume the home appliances will be included. They probably are not, unless you rent a furnished and equipped home. Are you interested in knowing more about renting with and without home appliances in Costa Rica rentals? Then you can ask a knowledgeable…

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Manuel Antonio Continues Eco Friendly Architecture in the Tradition of Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

It is evident in the Manuel Antonio Eco Friendly Architecture that Costa Rica hedged their bets on the country’s natural resources long before it became popular. Have a good look at Manuel Antonio real estate and you’ll be sold on it. Dating back to the 1930s, lawmakers in Costa Rica recognized that the country’s true…

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