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What do to with the Earnest Money Deposit

Real Estate FAQ #3 | What do to with the Earnest Money Deposit?

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes What you should do with the earnest money deposit is a real estate FAQ or frequently asked question for those buying or selling Costa Rica real estate. This question arises because, in Costa Rica, it’s customary for the buyer to give the earnest money to the seller. Local buyers rarely…

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FAQ | Property Tax and other taxes to pay when buying property in Costa Rica

Don’t you want to know how much property tax to pay before buying property in Costa Rica? Learn now how much, when, and where to pay Costa Rica property tax, as well as other taxes. After you purchase a property in Costa Rica, you have to pay several property-related taxes: Property Transfer Tax When you…

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Real Estate FAQ | What is a real estate purchase option in Costa Rica?

What is a real estate purchase option and when is it needed? Who writes up this purchase agreement? What should be in this contract? Is it legally binding? A real estate purchase option is a contract where the seller gives the buyer the exclusive right to purchase a specific piece of property. The contract stipulates…

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Real Estate FAQ | Can I get a VA loan to buy property in Costa Rica?

Visitors on our website often ask if they can get a VA loan to buy property in Costa Rica. U.S. veterans seem to be attracted to living in Costa Rica quite often. Costa Rica is another country and doesn’t belong to the United States. It doesn’t belong to the US territories either. The VA doesn’t allow veteran…

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Real Estate FAQ | River setbacks in Costa Rica are unbuildable

River setbacks are restricted areas of property surrounding the rivers and creeks in Costa Rica. The law strictly prohibits to build any roads or structures on river setbacks. Prohibited also are excavation, alteration, improvement, grading, landfill, paving, and storage. INVU controls the river setbacks, so they can protect the riverbeds against destruction. Looking to purchase…

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