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Everything about income producing properties in Costa Rica

Income producing properties in Costa Rica are always attractive to foreign investors. We do have quite a different market than most would expect. So it’s important to be well informed before making the big step. Savvy real estate investors know perfectly well what type of income producing properties are worth looking at and what questions…

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High demand for Self-Storage warehouse to keep personal stuff in Costa Rica

The perfect business for your retirement – a self-storage warehouse. There is a high demand for self-storage warehouse rentals, a business that’s becoming more interesting as condos become smaller. Every high ROI generating business in Costa Rica generates a lot of work, controls, and headaches. Well, this one does not! We all like to find…

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My corporation was dissolved by the Public Registry – did I lose my property?

Are you amongst the more than 250,000 corporate owners whose corporation was dissolved by the Public Registry for non-payment of the Corporate Tax? If your corporation was dissolved by the Public Registry, what happened to your property? During the real estate boom of 2007-2008, real estate developers set up corporations so that their clients, could…

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Mandatory rent invoice for landlords starting September 2018

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Soon, landlords will have to give tenants a rent invoice for rent paid. It seems that the good times that rental income will go unseen by the Costa Rican tax authorities are over. Resolution DGT-R-012-2018 obliges landlords to give an electronic rent invoice for each rent paid by the tenant…

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