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How important is a caretaker’s quarters on a property in Costa Rica

I’m sure you have seen properties advertised on the MLS that has a caretaker’s quarters on the property. Wondering why properties have caretaker’s quarters? Is it really necessary to have a caretaker who lives on your property? Let me explain. The property size When you purchase a large property with lots of gardens, you probably…

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Obligatory Christmas Bonus to all Employees in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Christmas time is coming up and that means the Aguinaldo, or Christmas bonus, to your employees. The Aguinaldo is an obligation by the Costa Rican labor laws if you employ a maid, a gardener or any other employee in Costa Rica. The Aguinaldo, or Christmas bonus in English, is an…

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Official Vacation days and Holidays in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Learn which official vacation days and holidays in Costa Rica are paid and which are not. (updated 21/11/2016) Many of you have never had any employees and if you did have them in another country, the rules were quite different. Welcome to Costa Rica, the land of sunshine and the…

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