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Samara beach and Carillo beach, scenic beauty and white sand

Samara and Carillo Beach have beautiful white sand beaches where a property can be bought in Paradise. A real paradise awaits visitors to the area. Playa Samara and its sister beach, Playa Carrillo, are identical in extension and beauty. Both beaches have calm waters and gentle waves that please tourists who wish to enjoy swimming…

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Does Green Real Estate exist in Costa Rica

You’ll see green real estate advertised everywhere, just like eco-communities. But does green real estate exist in Costa Rica, or is it just an overused marketing term? What’s the difference between green real estate and eco real estate? The Guardian considers Costa Rica a biodiversity hotspot. INBio, the National Biodiversity Institute, states that about 4.5%…

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Is Married Filing your US tax return an option when marrying a Costa Rican?

Should you select Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately when marrying a Costa Rican? It has become common for US Persons to find love abroad. You’ll often hear of an American moving to Costa Rica and marrying a young Tico or Tica. A U.S. citizen or permanent resident needs to consider a few tax…

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Invest in an existing hotel and you’re already half way to success

To invest in an existing hotel instead of building new, shouldn’t be a dilemma. Savvy investors know that to invest in an existing hotel or bed & breakfast in Costa Rica is a promising business venture. With so many areas of Costa Rica growing in terms of tourism, many property investors are looking towards acquiring lots…

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