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Ojochal is home to the nicest beach properties in Costa Rica

Ojochal is home to the nicest beach properties in Costa Rica. It is the reason the Southern Pacific currently offers some of the best Costa Rica real estate investment opportunities. Boasting one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, this area is characterized by rich green foothills, white sandy beaches, and clear Pacific waters. This…

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HGTV House Hunters International and Costa Rica real estate

HGTV House Hunters International love Costa Rica. Therefore, Costa Rica real estate agent Barry Ashworth was also on HGTV House Hunters International a while ago. Everyone I know loves to watch HGTV house hunters International. This TV program is like you are realizing your dream to move to Costa Rica or another tropical paradise without having to…

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EARTH University saving our Earth starting in Costa Rica

Earth University is the most interesting university in Costa Rica. Allow me to tell you all about this tour that I took recently. Located just outside Guacimo (Limon) in Costa Rica is a unique university campus. The campus houses EARTH University: Escuela de Agricultura de la Region Tropical Humeda (EARTH); or School of Agriculture of…

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Helping You with your Jaco Beach Real Estate AFTER the Sale

How important do you think the assistance AFTER the Sale is? If you are thinking about purchasing Jaco Beach real estate one thing is certain, throughout the process you will have questions and will seek some guidance. However, what most people forget is the number of questions and assistance they’ll need after they purchase their…

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