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Ticos returning home find adjusting difficult in Costa Rica

If you are Costa Rican and left Costa Rica several decades ago, you will find adjusting difficult when you return.  You probably think that returning home for your retirement is pretty easy. Well, let me assure you it’s not and adjusting is difficult, much more than you’ll expect. Costa Rica, like all other countries, has…

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Anonymous corporations are not anonymous anymore in Costa Rica

Watch the new legal requirements on Anonymous corporations in Costa Rica. In the past, property in Costa Rica was almost customarily purchased into anonymous corporations by foreign buyers. One of the most important reasons was to protect the property for the personal liability of the owner. Another good reason was that several owners could possess a…

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7 Essential items needed for the ultimate home office

The internet allows us to work from home, so a comfortable home office is now more important than ever. Some 20 years ago, few people had a home office. Few professionals worked from home, like surveyors, real estate agents, insurance agents, and maybe civil engineers. Others, who sometimes took work home, had no more than…

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