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5 Tips to Boost your Property Management Business

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes The property management business is a lucrative industry with huge growth potential. But it’s also one of the most difficult industries in which to succeed. Especially in a tropical country like Costa Rica, where nothing is done right away. To be a successful property manager, you have to be skilled…

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How Can Finding the Right Talent Accelerate Company Growth?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Bringing the right talent into your team can significantly impact your Costa Rican company’s performance, especially if your business is people-dependent. Many businesses are moving away from systems that are highly dependent on the capabilities of their employees. Nonetheless, there are still processes and transactions that can only be consistently…

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7 Essential items needed for the ultimate home office

The internet allows us to work from home, so a comfortable home office is now more important than ever. Some 20 years ago, few people had a home office. Few professionals worked from home, like surveyors, real estate agents, insurance agents, and maybe civil engineers. Others, who sometimes took work home, had no more than…

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7 Essentials for successfully starting a business in Costa Rica

Starting a business in Costa Rica is easy. But successfully starting a business being an expat son otros 100 pesos. Translated into English: a whole different ballgame. It’s sad to see how often people think they can just move to Costa Rica, and make a good living by starting a business. Many return home with nothing…

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Double accounting customary on investment property in Costa Rica

Many businesses and investment property in Costa Rica have a double accounting system. One is for the tax authorities and another for the business owner. Naturally, there is a significant difference between the official records and the reality. Investors who find an interesting investment property online, first send an email to the listing agent. That…

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Is this bed and breakfast for sale in Costa Rica far too expensive?

Even though our affiliates on the Costa Rica MLS mostly specialize in residential property, bed and breakfast owners contact us often. They do so looking to sell their business. Unfortunately, most owners of a bed and breakfast for sale in Costa Rica dream of getting a ridiculous price for their property. From your hammock Many…

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