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How to sell your Costa Rica property when you live out of the country?

If you are looking to sell your Costa Rica property, how does the process work when you live out of the country? The American European Real Estate Group has 25 affiliate offices from coast to coast. We get emails from sellers of Costa Rica real estate who live elsewhere almost every day. Occasionally we receive…

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Finding an address in Costa Rica is impossible without knowing the cardinal points or directions

Did you realize that finding an address in Costa Rica is not so easy? My mom sent me this joke that makes a lot of sense if you are living in Costa Rica: While looking at a house, my brother asked the real estate agent which direction was north because he explained, he didn’t want the sun…

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New Costa Rica President hoisted gay flag and National flag together

The Gay flag was hoisted together with the national flag of Costa Rica. Last Friday, May 16, 2014, was possibly a big day for many locals and expats living in Costa Rica. Especially for the gay community. The Catholic and Christian communities might not agree but the recently elected President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo…

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Closing costs on Costa Rica property, how to calculate and who pays

When you purchase, closing costs on Costa Rica property is quite important. Purchasing a Costa Rica property is always a good investment. Costa Rica property prices are very reasonable compared to many other countries. Also, property laws are quite clear and many locations have great potential for growth. When you purchase Costa Rica property, besides…

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Will Costa Rica real estate be affected by closing down of foreign industries?

Will foreign industries leave the country? Just before the Costa Rica elections 2014, the rumor of INTEL leaving the country to move operations to Asia has hit the newspapers. Will other foreign industries follow? Opinions are all over the news. These opinions are not real estate related. As an expert on Costa Rica real estate, I…

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