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IRA Limitations when you buy Costa Rica real estate

Before you invest using your retirement funds, you have to learn all about the IRA Limitations when you buy real estate in Costa Rica. Many North Americans don’t know you can buy real estate as an investment in Costa Rica with your self-directed IRA. This is your Individual Retirement Account or your 401(k) Retirement Savings Account. Very…

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16 Reasons why International Living promotes Costa Rica so much

International Living® and their commercial division Pathfinder recently approved one of our affiliate partners, as their representative for the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The next International Living® convention will be in Cancun, Mexico 21-25th February 2012 and we needed to decide on a good sample of properties for sale to promote there. We are…

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Is It Immoral To Make Money This Easily in Costa Rica real estate?

Do you want to make money? Buy Costa Rica real estate with your IRA or 401K portfolio and even in your Canadian Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). You have your money in the wrong place! Think of your retirement now. You can make money in Costa Rica real estate. Make between 6 – 8% return on your investment (ROI) and…

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American restaurants in Costa Rica

Looking for American restaurants? Well, Costa Rica offers you a great choice of American Food amongst other specialties. North American restaurants in Costa Rica, all located on the west side of San Jose. This list of specialty restaurants was put together by Vicki, the Sarong Goddess, in cooperation of Daniel Langlois. Vicki the Sarong Goddess has…

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Residency in Costa Rica _ Temporary residency as a Pensionado

Temporary residency as a Pensionado is possible when you have a pension from a government or institution instead of having a retirement income through an investment source. We have decided to update you on the different ways to apply for residency in Costa Rica. That’s because most of our clients who move to Costa Rica buy…

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