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5 Lies Costa Rica real estate agents might tell you

Not every property buyer is interested in using the services of professional Costa Rica real estate agents for one of the most difficult investments most ever make: the purchase of your retirement home. Some have an aversion to all sales people which includes real estate agents. Reliable and knowledgeable real estate agents have a Costa Rica…

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A residential real estate agent should possess the following qualities

What qualities should a residential real estate agent possess to do a good job? The residential real estate world has many people like home inspectors, bankers, appraisers, property managers, prospective buyers, and sellers. However, if you wish to sell or buy a property, real estate agents and brokers are the ones to look out for. Good…

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Why Costa Rica realtors will not give the listing location on Google maps when requested?

Quite often, we receive an email from a potential Costa Rica real estate buyer, asking us to send the listing location on Google maps. Real estate agents in Costa Rica, who have a property listed on their website, will never give the exact location of a property for sale. Unless they have a signed exclusive…

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Before you commit to a Costa Rica home purchase, test the commute

Wouldn’t you first test the commute before buying a home in Costa Rica? Well, you should! Of course, before you purchase a Costa Rica home for sale, you should do your due diligence.  There are several important issues that should be taken into account when you do and one is the commute. Will you be commuting…

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Top Five Issues for Costa Rica property sellers

Don’t you believe Costa Rica property sellers need any assistance when selling? More often than you can imagine, buyers eventually become Costa Rica property sellers and you will need help in marketing your Costa Rica property. But, as customers seeking to acquire property, you rarely ask about the exit strategy or who can help and…

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