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Double accounting customary on investment property in Costa Rica

Many businesses and investment property in Costa Rica have a double accounting system. One is for the tax authorities and another for the business owner. Naturally, there is a significant difference between the official records and the reality. Investors who find an interesting investment property online, first send an email to the listing agent. That…

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Are Gringo prices for Costa Rica property a myth?

Is having to pay Gringo prices for Costa Rica property a myth or are they real? Often, foreign buyers ask “What’s the difference between Gringo prices and Tico real estate prices”? It is quite common to hear ridiculous statements like “real estate agents sell more expensive”. You’ll pay Gringo prices for Tico properties. We can…

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Virtual Staging – How to show a luxury home everyone will want

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trying to sell an empty luxury home? Virtual staging is your solution! Now you can show a luxury home that everyone will want. Doesn’t the photo on the left look absolutely gorgeous? Well, that room was empty when the photo was taken. In Costa Rica, as you all know, it can take many years to…

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Requirement Corporation filing Form D-140 is mandatory

Now, a Costa Rican corporation filing is also required, if your corporation is inactive. Just paying the 2017 corporation tax is not enough. In another blog, I already explained what and how you can make the 2017 corporation tax payments. The Finance Ministry of Costa Rica has decided that the new corporation tax also requires…

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