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3 Important Income Tax Consequences when living in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Living in Costa Rica might have important income tax consequences for you if you’re a taxpayer in the United States. Americans are increasingly choosing to relocate to destinations like Costa Rica. Data collected by Datosmacro.com in 2019 show that over 12,000 registered U.S. retirees and ex-pats prefer to live in…

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U.S. Citizens Tax Implications when earning income in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes What are the tax implications for U.S. citizens working or having a business in Costa Rica? And their spouses’? Costa Rica is regarded as one of the safest bets in the emerging markets thanks to its strong exports, high tourism levels, and high levels of Foreign Direct Investment. If you…

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Real Estate Tax Guide for North American expats

This Real Estate Tax Guide for North American Expats can be very helpful when buying and selling Costa Rica Real Estate. Moving abroad is a difficult and complicated process even apart from the issue of real estate. Purchasing real estate overseas has complicated implications on your expat taxes. The solutions can be found in this Real…

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