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Costa Rica Residency Transitory Immigration Measures could benefit you

Are you a perpetual tourist but planning on formal immigration to Costa Rica? Expats in Costa Rica seeking to regularize their migratory condition should take the opportunity the Costa Rican Government is currently offering, for a limited time only. The Costa Rica Immigration Department based on four transitory articles included in the latest Bylaws to the…

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Residency in Costa Rica _ Temporary residency as a Pensionado

Temporary residency as a Pensionado is possible when you have a pension from a government or institution instead of having a retirement income through an investment source. We have decided to update you on the different ways to apply for residency in Costa Rica. That’s because most of our clients who move to Costa Rica buy…

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Residency in Costa Rica _ Temporary residency as an investor

Temporary residency as an Investor is possible when you have enough money saved up to make an investment. As an investor, you have to create enough income for you and your family to live on. If you and your family are planning to relocate to Costa Rica, there are many different ways of making your investment…

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