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Where to find thousands of Costa Rica property listings

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Nothing is worse than surfing on Google looking for property listings and not finding anything you like. Or they’re not in your budget. Probably, the property listings you find are also in the wrong location. Some don’t know where to start because they have never been to Costa Rica. The proof…

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Why are lockboxes not utilized in Costa Rica real estate?

Often, visiting expats, assume we have lockboxes in Costa Rica real estate. Well, we don’t! Potential buyers and tenants assume real estate agents can make a showing appointment at the spur of the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t have lockboxes in Costa Rica. Therefore, an agent needs more time to set up a showing that you…

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Why Costa Rica realtors will not give the listing location on Google maps when requested?

Quite often, we receive an email from a potential Costa Rica real estate buyer, asking us to send the listing location on Google maps. Real estate agents in Costa Rica, who have a property listed on their website, will never give the exact location of a property for sale. Unless they have a signed exclusive…

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