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Legal Due Diligence Seminar Before Moving to Costa Rica

Don’t “fall on your face”, like so many who moved to Costa Rica before you, when buying or renting a property. Protect yourself, your family, and your money. Learn about everything you should NOT do when you buy, or rent a property in Costa Rica. Participating in this legal due diligence seminar is the best…

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Should you move to Costa Rica when Trump wins the elections?

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes John Hepner, our commercial real estate affiliate, made me aware of someone promoting an island near Nova Scotia in Canada. The article has the title “Cape Breton when Trump wins the elections”. I have a much better plan for you: Move to Costa Rica when Trump wins the elections. Why? Because Costa…

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16 Reasons why International Living promotes Costa Rica so much

International Living® and their commercial division Pathfinder recently approved one of our affiliate partners, as their representative for the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The next International Living® convention will be in Cancun, Mexico 21-25th February 2012 and we needed to decide on a good sample of properties for sale to promote there. We are…

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