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Why Investments with Potential are better than the ROI in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Be creative, start looking for an investment with potential and opportunity, and not for a 12% return on an investment property in Costa Rica. Most investors looking to purchase a property in Costa Rica look for immediate Return Of Investment (ROI). Preferably of at least 12%. Well, there is a…

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How to calculate investment property asking price correctly when selling?

Often, sellers do not know how to calculate investment property asking price when they want to sell the property. Or they calculate it totally wrong and the property takes years to sell. A savvy investor will only buy a property with a great return on the investment, right? Just this week, we received the request…

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Double accounting customary on investment property in Costa Rica

Many businesses and investment property in Costa Rica have a double accounting system. One is for the tax authorities and another for the business owner. Naturally, there is a significant difference between the official records and the reality. Investors who find an interesting investment property online, first send an email to the listing agent. That…

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