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Is the mortgage rate in Costa Rica damaging the economy?

Did you know that the mortgage rate in Costa Rica is outrageous? I pay 9.5% interest rate on my mortgage in U.S. dollars! Politicians have been debating, due to the elections 2018, about economic solutions for the last few months. Because the government needs money. Don’t we all? Now that Carlos Alvarado of PAC was…

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Can I take over an existing mortgage on a Costa Rican property I purchase?

The advertisement on Craigslist carries the title “Take over an existing mortgage on this property, cheap financing”. The first one to answer on the ad is a foreigner, Jim Luckydeal, who plans to move to Costa Rica and has been planning to buy a Costa Rican property for quite a while. The problem has been…

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Mortgages or Financing in Costa Rica

Your American-European real estate agent can help you determine the best route for mortgages or financing in Costa Rica. This should be done according to conditions in the market and your personal situation. In today’s market, if you are looking to purchase a property through mortgage financing with a Costa Rican bank, you need to…

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