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Costa Rica expat tax update 2014 – 2015

Any idea what taxes you have to pay in Costa Rica and when? Probably not… Therefore, let’s give you a Costa Rica expat tax update. In Costa Rica, most taxes and other payments, especially when you have employees, are due between December and January each year. Aguinaldo (Christmas Bonus) has to be paid in December, so…

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Costa Rica financial and account records according to 2013 tax law

In this 3rd and last blog on this matter, I will tell you about the powers this tax law will give the Costarican government. In my first and second blog about the changes in Costa Rica 2013 Tax Law, I explained about Law of Compliance with Standards of Fiscal Transparency and Law Strengthening the Tax…

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Costa Rica Fiscal Transparency 2013

The Chinchilla administration is presenting important changes in the standards of fiscal transparency. Costa Rica’s legislation is on the verge of passing two new laws. This brings about significant changes to the tax structure currently in effect. The two legislative bills have already passed the legislative hurdles. Now, the bills are shortly expected to be…

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