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All About the Return on Commercial Property Investment

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes Do you have an eye on commercial property investment in Costa Rica? Are you attracted by the good stories about commercial investment and feel it’s time to try your luck? It is no doubt that commercial property investment provides more solid returns than other real estate investments, especially if you…

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High demand for Self-Storage warehouse to keep personal stuff in Costa Rica

The perfect business for your retirement – a self-storage warehouse. There is a high demand for self-storage warehouse rentals, a business that’s becoming more interesting as condos become smaller. Every high ROI generating business in Costa Rica generates a lot of work, controls, and headaches. Well, this one does not! We all like to find…

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6 Blockbuster investments in Santa Teresa real estate with added value

Are you in for a profitable investment adventure? You have to take a shot at blockbuster investments in Santa Teresa real estate. This is located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. I’m inviting you to visit and see with your own eyes. That’s the only way you can start off on the right foot and find…

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